Established in 2007, the International Institute of Coffee and Barista Training in Dubai enjoys the status of being the region’s first autonomous professional coffee and service training school.
Our training programs are specifically designed to empower individuals with explicit knowledge and precise skills to cater them to the exclusive needs of the leisure retail and hospitality businesses of the modern and thriving economy in the region. Our vastly result oriented approach towards our clients requirements, enables us to offer:
1) Comprehensive and skill based training – Front & back of the house operations
2) Motivational tool for staff - Enhanced Productivity, Speed and Self confidence
3) Service customized to specific requirements – for franchises in leisure and retail business

Learning Experience at IICBT

Dedicated hands-on training and practical experience is provided to service professionals and baristas from Hotels, Restaurants and Cafe's. Passionate individuals can also benefit from a wide array of courses spanning across

Art Of Coffee Making

Art of coffee making provides fundamental knowledge in preparing specialty coffee through theory and practical sessions.

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Cafe Management

Ideal program for entrepreneurs, investors and managers to understand A to Z managing the coffee shop or restaurant with an In-depth approach to service industry in order to facilitate the functions of managing cafe.

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